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Llongyfarchiadau i'r holl brosiectau a ddewiswyd i dderbyn grant Y Galon a'r Meddwl!

Y Galon a'r Meddwl

Llongyfarchiadau i'r holl brosiectau a ddewiswyd i dderbyn grant Y Galon a'r Meddwl!

Ward, Service or Department


Project name

Location of project

Project summary

Acute medical unit (AMU)

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd

Memories and calming stimulation

On the wards in the unit

Aromatherapy kits in every room to help aid rest and relaxation for patients.

Children's Learning Disability Team

Catherine Gladstone House

Sensory Library

Catherine Gladstone House

Sensory Library that parents can access to see if their children will benefit from the resources available before they buy the equipment.

Alaw Ward, Haematology

Ysbyty Gwynedd

Speeding up in hospital rehab

YG - various wards

Exercise pedals to prevent loss of strength / condition in elderly, frail and/or bedbound patients.

Ward 14 Stroke Unit

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd

Recovery to music in an in-patient stroke unit

Ward 14 YGC Stroke Unit

Music therapy project to enhance stroke patient journey throughout rehabilitation.

Denbighshire Learning Disability Team

Caledfryn, Denbigh

Food wise for life - reaching people with a learning disability

Rhyl & Ruthin

Adapting the food wise training course to make it accessible for people with a learning disability.


Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Breakfast club and patient wellbeing project

Onnen Ward Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Breakfast clubs for patients to promote independence and wellbeing.

Gwanwyn & Hydref Wards

Older Persons Mental Health Unit

Engagement Cafes

On the wards - Gwanwyn & Hydref

Transform the dining areas an the wards into Dementia Friendly Cafés.

Morfa Ward, Ysbyty Alltwen

Ysbyty Alltwen

Dementia Garden

Ysbyty Alltwen

Creating a Dementia garden to enhance patient wellbeing.

Llyn ward

Bryn Beryl

Prevent hospital boredom

Bryn Beryl hospital

A project to promote inpatient engagement in activities on the ward to prevent boredom, stimulate minds and enhance rehabilitation.


Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Wrexham Maelor, Prosthetics Waiting Room

Improving the Paediatric Facilities to encourage better physical engagement in the healthcare and rehabilitation environment for upper limb amputees, lower limb amputees and wheelchair users.


Ysbyty Gwynedd

Blue Plates for Dementia

7 Community Hospitals, BCUHB West

Equip Ysbyty Penrhos Stanley, Ysbyty Cefni, Ysbyty Eryri, Ysbyty Alltwen, Ysbyty Dolgellau, Ysbyty Tywyn and Ysbyty Bryn Beryl with blue plates, to increase the amount of food eaten by patients with dementia.

Children's Occupational Therapy

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Let's Play & Develop Together

Royal Alexandra Hospital

Developing an assessment centre where children and their families look forward to visiting.

Mesen Fach / Inpatient unit / learning disabilities

Bryn Y Neuadd

A voice for everyone and activities for all

Mesen Fach

Creating a communication room on the ward with various forms of communication tools to support the individuals being admitted to Mesen Fach.


Ysbyty Gwynedd

Procedure for delivering ‘out of hours’ request forms

Ysbyty Gwynedd

Enabling junior doctors to safely deliver request forms out of hours for investigations that do not need to be done immediately.

Coed Celyn

Coed Celyn

Coed Celyn Patient environement project

Coed Celyn

Enhancing the patient environment so patients feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Perinatal Mental Health Service/Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

Ysbyty Glan Clwyd

Perinatal Mental Health Pocket Guide

Central area

Develop a fully laminated perinatal mental health pocket guide for midwives working within the Central area, which will include information/resources to help support them in their role of optimising mental health and wellbeing for all women giving birth in North Wales.

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