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Every donation makes a real difference to the life of a patient in North Wales.

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Where your money goes

£5 - Giving just £5 can help make a difference to someone’s experience of hospital. Your money could buy a small birthday gift for a patient receiving long term inpatient care.

£10 - 100 people giving £10 could make a visit to hospital more pleasant for patients and their family - £1,000 can renovate a multipurpose family room, providing comfy chairs and brighter surroundings

£30 - 25 people giving £30 could support children and adults with communication, speech or language needs - £750 can provide special cards and equipment that improve communication skills, language development and vocabulary

£50 - 40 people giving £50 each could boost the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers - £2,000 can provide 12 weekly singing sessions, bringing people together and unlocking memories.

£100 - Your £100 could provide overnight accommodation for parents so they can be close to their child when they have to spend time in hospital far away from home.

Give now – Leave a legacy

A gift in a will is a wonderful way to continue making a difference for your local community long into the future.

Legacy gifts come in all shapes and sizes, big and small – with previous legacies ranging from £200 to £550,000 – and they all help improve the quality of care and treatment that people receive in hospitals and from community healthcare services in the region.

By putting a gift in your will for your NHS Charity, you’ll be making sure that hospitals and community healthcare services in North Wales can continue doing more for patients for generations to come.

Give now - Donate in memory

Donate in memory

Why donate in memory?

By supporting Awyr Las in memory of a loved one, you’ll be helping people young and old to benefit from better healthcare services. You can choose which ward, service or department your donation will support, so you and your family can show your appreciation for a healthcare service close to your heart.

Event in memory

Organising an event in memory of someone special is a great way to celebrate their life, and raise money to help Awyr Las do more for patients and families. Whether you’d like to organise a concert featuring all their favourite songs, or hold an annual picnic at a special place - the Awyr Las Support Team is here to help you honour a loved one.

Funeral collection

You can do something wonderful for Awyr Las and celebrate the life of a special person by having a collection in their memory. You can order funeral collection envelopes by contacting the Awyr Las Support Team.

Derbyn y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf

Gadewch i mi wybod am newyddion a digwyddiadau Awyr Las, a sut y gallaf wneud rhywbeth anhygoel i wella gofal iechyd yng Ngogledd Cymru

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