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You can donate online to support the NHS teams here in North Wales who are working day and night amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rydym yn aros am gyfieithiadau ar gyfer y cynnwys hwn

Your donations will help fund items that go over and above what the NHS can provide, for example iPads for patients in hospital who can no longer receive visitors, so they can keep in contact with family, and additional emotional support for frontline NHS staff.

To donate via our website, just visit the 🔗Donation page.

You may choose to donate to any ward, service or department. Just choose "Yes" when asked "Is this donation for a specific ward or department?" then complete the information in the additional boxes.

The charity has a page on JustGiving.

  • 🔗Go here to make a donation.
  • 🔗Go here to set up a fundraising page for an event or activity you are planning to raise money for the charity.

Please remember to always use the 🔗Official Awyr Las JustGiving Page, not a "Crowdfunding" page.

There are 3 main benefits to using the Awyr Las JustGiving account:

  1. Gift Aid, AKA 25% EXTRA on top of every eligible donation!

  2. The biggest benefit is the option for your donors to claim Gift Aid on top of their donation, which means the charity can claim an extra 25% from HMRC at no extra cost to the donor. Yes, that means if you give £10, with Gift Aid added the charity gets £12.50.

  3. The money gets paid straight to the charity and it's quicker!

  4. When you use a Crowdfunding page, the money goes into your personal bank account, then you have to transfer it to the charity. You also have to wait 14 days from launching your page to request a withdrawal. JustGiving automatically pays its member charities every week, so through the Awyr Las page your donations will get to where they need to be quicker.

  5. Lower processing fees!

  6. JustGiving no longer charges a platform fee, but donations are still subject to card processing fees. The card processing fees on the charity pages are only 1.9% + 20p compared to 2.9% + 25p on the Crowdfunding pages. Every penny counts!


You can make a single donation on Facebook by pressing the "Donate" button on the 🔗Awyr Las Facebook Page.

Important: Awyr Las will automatically receive the donations you make or collect on Facebook, but we may not know where you wish to send them (if you have a preference). This is because of privacy settings. To ensure your Facebook donation is allocated to the right ward, department or appeal, please drop us a line using the 🔗 Facebook inbox once you have made your donation.

You can also:

  • Set up your own 🔗Facebook Fundraiser

  • Add a donate button to your post - to do this on mobile, open Facebook, tap "What's on your mind?", then scroll down to the "Support charity" option. Tap this, then search for "Awyr Las". Tap the charity's name when it appears. Write your post and then publish it. A donate button will now be added to your post for your friends to use.

  • Fundraise using live video - to do this on mobile, open Facebook, tap "What's on your mind?", then scroll down to the "Go Live" option. Tap this. You then have two options - if you've already creaded a Facebook Fundraiser, or if you are helping someone else to raise money using a Facebook Fundraiser, you can find the page by typing their name in the "Search for a fundraiser to support" search bar. Tap the fundraiser's name when it appears. Then tap "Start Live Video" If you just want to collect donations for the charity without using a Facebook Fundraiser, tap "Raise Money for a Charity". Then, on the next screen, type "Awyr Las" in the search bar that says "Search for a non-profit to support". Tap the charity's name when it appears. Then tap "Start Live Video".


    You can help Awyr Las by adding a donation sticker to your Instagram Story.

    To do this on mobile, open Instagram, then tap your profile picture to open your Story. Choose what you want to share, then tap the sticker to bring up the menu. Tap "Donation". Search for "Awyr Las" then tap the charity when it appears. Edit the text on the donation sticker and change the colour if you wish. Tap "Done". You can now move and resize the sticker to fit on your Story. When you're finished, tap "Send to" then "Share".

    You can also make a donation on Instagram by visiting the Charity's bio and tapping the "Donate" button.

You can send a cheque made payable to "Awyr Las" to:

Awyr Las
General Office
Ysbyty Gwynedd
LL57 2PW

If sending a cheque, please include a note with your name and address, and any instructions on where the donation should go – e.g. Children's Ward, Ysbyty Gwynedd.

It is possible to donate using a bank transfer if you use online banking.

If you wish to do this, please email to request the charity's bank details.

Please call the Ysbyty Glan Clwyd General Office team on 01745 448 740 ext 7203 and ask to make a donation.

Thank you so much for your support!

Derbyn y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf

Gadewch i mi wybod am newyddion a digwyddiadau Awyr Las, a sut y gallaf wneud rhywbeth anhygoel i wella gofal iechyd yng Ngogledd Cymru

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