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#TeamIrfon support funding cold caps for cancer patients

Hair loss is one of the most obvious side effects of cancer, and one of the most emotionally devastating, however wearing a cold cap (also known as a ‘scalp cooling system’) can help people retain some, and in some cases nearly all, of their hair.

#TeamIrfon, a fund within the North Wales NHS Charity, Awyr Las, is raising money to buy a new cold cap for the Alaw Ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd to help patients undergoing cancer treatment. The cold caps cost around £18,000 each.

To help raise funds, the impressive #TeamIrfon swim will be back with a bang on Saturday September 10th, with swimmers from across the UK taking part in a two-mile swim from Beaumaris Pier to Bangor Pier.

In 2019 42 swimmers took part and over 400 supporters came to Bangor Pier to cheer them on! If you are up for a challenge and enjoy open water swimming then why not take part? Click HERE to register today.

Dawn Owen, from Benllech, will be one of those eager to cheer the swimmers on. The 32-year-old has been using a cold cap since the beginning of her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

“For the first few minutes, it’s painful, but I feel fine,” said Dawn, who is receiving treatment on the Alaw Ward, at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

“It’s very cold for two minutes, but I’m sitting under a warm blanket and I don’t even think about the chemo, and I don’t worry about my hair.

“Using the cold cap has helped with my stress, because I know my hair is going to be here.”

She continued: “I’m pleased to say none of my hair has come out, despite this being my seventh chemotherapy treatment.”

Ms Owen added: “Keeping my hair has really helped with my mental health, it means I still look like me and that means the world. It’s brilliant that #TeamIrfon is raising money to fund new cold caps so more people can access them.”

Manon Williams, Matron for the Cancer Division at Ysbyty Gwynedd commented: “The cold caps have allowed many patients to protect their privacy. They allow women to maintain their self-esteem and their sense of well-being during a really difficult time.

“Replacing the cold caps we have with more effective up-to-date ones will be really positive for our patients.”

She added: “The caps are incredibly popular with our patients, especially younger ladies. You cannot underestimate the psychological impact hair loss has on a patient.

“I hope people support the #TeamIrfon swim on September 10. The money raised through this swim will make a real difference for our patients who want to use a cold cap.”

Sign up to the swim today by clicking here.

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