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Shillings for Sheets

Send some comfort to patients who really need your support this year.

Instead of sending greetings cards this year, please consider sending a donation to the Betsi Kenya Health Link "Shillings for Sheets" Appeal.

In 2018, Royal Mail estimated that the average person sent 18 Christmas cards to family & friends. With postage, that's about £40 - enough to buy new sheets for four hospital beds in Busia County Referral Hospital.

Imagine how much we could raise (and how much paper we would save) if we all pledged to send e-cards not just for Christmas, but for every occasion!

Beds in Busia County Referral Hospital have mattresses with a plastic cover, and no sheets.

This simple, everyday necessity could improve comfort for patients and help reduce issues with infection prevention.

Join in with the Betsi Kenya Health Link campaign and help us raise £2,000 - enough money to buy sheets for every bed in Busia County Referral Hospital.

Donate what you'd usually spend on cards to buy sheets for Busia County Referral Hospital & in return receive an e-card to share with family & friends.

Clean sheets are required in our linked international hospitals, so too is new equipment and better training. Your donation will definitely be directed to support the Betsi Kenya Health Link but please note that your donation may not be used specifically to purchase a sheet.

Photography by Paul Joseph Brown |

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