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Awyr Las is your NHS charity in North Wales

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Awyr Las, which means ‘Blue Sky’ in Welsh, is your local NHS Charity. Awyr Las helps ensure that people across North Wales benefit from better NHS services when they need them the most.

Your support puts smiles on faces and help provide better spaces! Thanks to fantastic people like you, Awyr Las can provide life-changing equipment and services for patients in hospitals and in communities across North Wales. From small things like comfortable chairs for patients in the Emergency Department and attending dialysis, to cutting-edge technology for the cancer, stroke and special care baby units - it all makes a big difference.

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Thanks to your support, Awyr Las funds state-of-the-art equipment and new facilities; extra staff training and wellbeing support; world class research, special projects and additional services; complementary therapies and extra patient comforts which are all over and above what NHS funding can provide.

    Keep The Beats

    A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating. CPR and the use of a defibrillator before the ambulance arrives doubles the chance of survival.

    Every second counts, if you don’t do something the chance of survival will decrease - every minute - by 10%.

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