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The Awyr Las Staff Experience grant scheme – up to £2,000 to enhance staff experience – is now open for a limited time only.

Staff Experience grants

Awyr Las has launched a new Staff Experience small grant scheme; open from Thursday 7th November 2019 until Friday 29th November 2019.

Staff across BCUHB can submit an application for up to £2,000 to develop a project that has the primary aim of improving Staff Experience in ways that will have a direct positive impact on Patient Experience.

This is your chance to test out a new way of working, get an idea off the ground or start to do things differently for BCUHB staff that will ultimately result in a better experience for patients.

Do you have a great idea that will help improve Staff Experience at BCUHB?

If so, apply today!


Your idea must:

  • Contribute positively to Staff Experience in BCUHB (see FAQ section for more information)
  • Be led by a BCUHB member of staff
  • Contribute to the BCUHB key strategic goals
  • Be charitable and in line with the Awyr Las financial procedures

Applications for the following will not be accepted:

  • Mandatory training
  • Occupational Health requirements
  • Statutory items, facilities or activities
  • Items, facilities or activities already routinely funded by BCUHB

What will the Staff Experience grant fund?

Your application must fall into one of three categories. These are:

  • Wellbeing, Exercise and Health
  • Training, Education and Research
  • New Equipment and Facilities

Example: A nutrition project aimed at night shift workers to help them maintain good eating habits at work and at home.

Assessment process

The Head of Fundraising and the Charity Accountant will review all applications received before the deadline (23:59 on 29/11/2019). A maximum of 20 applications will then be placed on a shortlist. The shortlisted applications will be assessed by members of the Charity Committee, patient representatives and members of the Awyr Las Support Team, who will score the shortlisted applications. The projects that score highest will be successful in obtaining a Staff Experience grant.

The maximum number of successful applicants will depend on the amount of money requested by each applicant. There is £24,500 available for this round of grants, so a minimum of 12 projects will receive a maximum of £2,000 each.

All applicants – successful and unsuccessful – will be notified of the final decisions on or before Friday 13th December 2019.

Assessment criteria

When it comes to choosing who will get a grant, the projects that address the following assessment criteria will score highest:

  • The total number of staff and patients that could benefit
  • The sort of benefit staff and patients will receive and how this will improve their experience
  • How innovative the idea is
  • How likely it is to make a difference, improve quality, and enhance care - and the evidence provided to support this
  • Whether or not there are plans to continue the project after the initial £2,000 grant, and if there is a fundraising plan in place to support this
  • How robust the method of monitoring and evaluating the project is

How to apply

Complete the application form below in full.

If you have trouble accessing the form online at work, you might not have the necessary authorisation to access the Awyr Las website. To resolve this, log a call with the Service Desk using the Informatics Portal on your desktop.

You must get the necessary authorisation before submitting your application – see question 8 in the FAQs below.


Applications must be received by 23:59 on Friday 29th November. Any applications received after this will not be considered for shortlisting.

When will we know?

We will let you know by 5pm on Friday 13thDecember 2019 whether your idea has been selected to receive a Staff Experience grant.


  1. What is Staff Experience? Staff Experience is defined as “How staff feel when they are at work”. Evidence shows that having engaged, healthy staff leads to increased productivity and an overall happier workforce; resulting in better outcomes for patients. Staff who feel involved and valued make for a strong workforce, and a strong workforce is essential to achieving continuous improvement in delivering healthcare services. It is in the interest of BCUHB, our patients and the wider community that our employees enjoy a positive Staff Experience.
  2. Is my ward, department or project eligible? All BCUHB wards, departments and projects are eligible to apply. If you’re not sure, please check before applying – email or call 01248 384395.
  3. Who can submit the form? You must be a BCUHB member of staff to submit the application. All projects must be led by a BCUHB member of staff. A BCUHB member of staff must have ownership of the project and remain involved for its duration. External parties, including third sector groups, may be involved in the application. Public Health staff may also be involved in drawing up the application, but the application must be submitted by a BCUHB member of staff.
  4. Is there anything in particular you want to see in an application? All ideas are welcome – but remember that this grant scheme is designed to support Staff Experience initiatives, with the ultimate aim of improving Patient Experience. You will be expected to demonstrate in the application how your project will affect staff and how, in turn, this will contribute to improved Patient Experience.
  5. Can I apply if my ward, project or department doesn’t have an Awyr Las fund? Yes - but if you get a grant, you may want to consider setting one up to continue your project after the initial grant is spent.
  6. Can you help me to fill in the form? Absolutely – if you have any questions, please contact or 01248 384395 (WHTN 1746 4395).
  7. What will I need to do if my ward / project / department is successful? We will contact you with the next steps. You will be expected to complete periodic monitoring forms throughout your project (including photos and testimonials from staff or beneficiaries) and submit a short evaluation report after the project ends, but the Awyr Las Support Team will help you with this.
  8. Who needs to authorise my application? You will need to get your application signed off by a member of staff who is Band 6 or senior. If you’re unsure who to ask, please speak with us before submitting your application - or 01248 384395 (WHTN 1746 4395).

Please note: You can save your progress and resume later if you wish.

Please ensure you press the "Save" button. We recommend checking that you have received a link to resume your application via email before you close the form.

IMPORTANT: Your application will remain incomplete until you have completed all the fields and pressed "Apply".

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