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Julia & Giovanni's Lockdown Monopoly

Julia and Giovanni (16 and 11) have created a Lockdown version of Monopoly!

If you'd like to play their special re-imagined version of the classic family game, you can download your copy to print at home in return for a small donation towards Awyr Las.

Julia and Giovanni would like your help to raise money in aid of the Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Their version of the game includes:

  • The board
  • "Community Chest" cards
  • "Chance" cards
  • "Value" cards

All cards and the board are themed and are relevant to COVID-19, the NHS and their experience of lockdown.

Samples from the "Lockdown Monopoly" set

Total raised so far: £311

Donate here to get your DIY version of Lockdown Monopoly

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