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Alaw Hearts & Minds

Alaw Unit Hearts & Minds Grant Scheme

Funding Specialist Equipment & Capital Improvements and Specialist Staff Development and Training for the benefit of patients on Alaw Unit.

Do you have a great idea that would benefit patients on Alaw Unit? What could you do with up to £4,999 towards specialist training or equipment to make that idea a reality?

The Alaw Unit Charity Committee are inviting applications of up to £4,999 for staff working on Alaw, or providing care for patients on Alaw, to access specialist training and development opportunities, or to purchase specialist equipment.

Please note that speculative applications for £5,000 or more can be submitted using the Alaw Unit Hearts & Minds form, but if successful at this stage, a full Awyr Las application form will need to be submitted and approved before any expenditure can be authorised.


Your idea must:

  • Support patients on Alaw Unit
  • Be led by a BCUHB member of staff
  • Contribute to the BCUHB key strategic goals
  • Be charitable and in line with the Awyr Las financial procedures

Applications are open to the following teams:

  • Research (where study or qualification is cancer-related)
  • Haematology
  • Oncology
  • Support Staff within all of the above

If you are unsure about whether you are eligible to apply, please contact for guidance before completing a form.

What can I apply for?

Two types of grant are available: the Specialist Equipment & Capital Improvements Grant and the Specialist Staff Development and Training Grant. The types of opportunities eligible for funding under the Specialist Staff Development and Training Grant include:

  • Staff education opportunities
  • Course fees
  • Research projects
  • Conferences
  • Degree courses

For both types of grant, it is up to the applicant to demonstrate how the proposed project goes above and beyond what the NHS budget can provide.

Assessment process

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, with completed applications being reviewed at the next available Alaw Unit Charity Committee by members of the committee. Committee meetings take place every 3 months.

To be included on the agenda, applications must be submitted two weeks before the meeting date. The next submission deadline is:


Applications received after the cut-off date will be reviewed at the next meeting.

If you are applying for up to £4,999, once your application has been approved you will be able to start your project. Applicants seeking £5,000 or more will be invited to complete a full application form, should their initial Hearts & Minds application be successful. The maximum number of successful applicants will depend on the amount of money requested by each applicant.

The committee wants to see projects that are innovative and exciting, and will provide tangible benefits for Alaw patients.

Assessment criteria

When it comes to choosing who will get a grant, the projects that address the following assessment criteria will score highest:

  • The total number of patients that could benefit
  • The patient group that could benefit and their needs
  • The sort of benefit patients will receive and how this will improve their experience
  • How innovative the idea is
  • How likely it is to make a difference, improve quality, and enhance care - and the evidence provided to support this
  • Whether or not there are plans to continue the project after the initial grant, and if there is a fundraising plan in place to support this
  • How robust the method of monitoring and evaluating the project is

How to apply

Complete the application form below. You must get the necessary authorisation before submitting your application – see question 5 in the summary below.


Applications must be received by 5pm on the date listed above for consideration at the next Alaw Unit Charity Committee meeting. Applications received after this will be considered at the next available meeting.

When will we know?

We will let you know by 5pm on the Monday following the relevant Alaw Unit Charity Committee meeting whether or not your idea has been selected to receive a grant, or (if you’ve applied for £5,000 or more) if you have been invited to submit a full application.


  1. Am I eligible to apply? All staff working in the teams listed above are eligible to apply, as long as the project will benefit patients on Alaw.
  2. Is there anything in particular you want to see in an application? All ideas are welcome, but the more innovative the better.
  3. Can you help me to fill in the form? Absolutely – if you have any questions, please contact or 01248 384395 (WHTN 1746 4395).
  4. What will I need to do if I’m successful? The Fundraising Support Team will contact you with the next steps – you will be expected to complete a short evaluation report after the money is spent and prepare a case study for social media, along with photos and a testimonial from a beneficiary, but the Awyr Las Support Team will help you with this.
  5. Who needs to authorise my application? You will need to get authorisation from your line manager before submitting your application. If you’re not sure who to ask, contact us on or 01248 384395 (WHTN 1746 4395).

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