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#TeamIrfon Swim 2023 - terms and conditions

#TeamIrfon Swim 16th September 2023 terms and conditions

Whilst every effort shall be made to ensure the safety of #TeamIrfon Swim participants the event organisers cannot be held liable for any accidents or injuries sustained.

All swimmers must:

  • Wear the swimming hat provided by the event organisers.
  • Accept responsibility to ensure that they are physically fit and trained for a swim of approximately two miles in distance in cold tidal water with cross currents.
  • Be capable of completing the distance in a maximum of 1.5 hours.
  • Wear a wetsuit.
  • Provide an estimated swim time for 400m (and indicate if that is in a pool or open water) when registering.
  • Arrive on Saturday 16th September 2023 no later than 08:00, location to be confirmed.
  • Be present for the on-the-day briefing beginning at 08:15.
  • The first swim group will leave at 09:00, the second group at 09:10, and the last group at 09:30.
  • Be aware that there will be frequent headcounts of your group during the swim. There will be two swimmers per group who are given this responsibility.
  • Must arrange for a family member or friend (a designated contact) to meet them at the end of the swim. This designated contact must provide warm clothing, a towel and, whilst warm drinks and a snack will be provided for all participants, the designated person should have snacks as well.

All participants – please note:

  • All registered swimmers will be given more information from the swim organisers - Trystan Williams and Anna Jones – in the lead up to the event and on the day.
  • All registered swimmers are required to sign a statement on the day of the event confirming that they have prepared themselves adequately and that, whilst the swim organisers have prepared to ensure that all risks are minimised, all Pier to Pier participants are taking part at their own risk.
  • The #TeamIrfon swim organisers (Awyr Las volunteers Trystan Williams and Anna Jones) reserve the right to cancel the race at any time if it is considered that the prevailing conditions put any swimmers or volunteers at unnecessary risk. A 48-hour weather update will be taken on Thursday 14th September 2023 at 12:00.
  • The #TeamIrfon swim organisers (Awyr Las volunteers Trystan Williams and Anna Jones) and those acting on behalf of them on the day reserve the right to refuse to allow a swimmer to start or complete the swim if they consider them to be at risk, or to pose a risk to the safety of themselves or other swimmers.
  • The swim will be staggered (groups of swimmers will start at different times) for safety reasons, so all swimmers will be put into swim-groups. The swim organisers and volunteer crew reserve the right to pull a swimmer out of the water at any time if they consider that a swimmer is holding others in the swim-group up too much.
  • There is no fee to participate in this event. All swimmers are asked to raise money for #TeamIrfon. There is no minimum sponsorship amount, but all swimmers must set up a Just Giving fundraising page and are encouraged to raise a minimum of £75 if possible. The donations raised cannot be returned in the event of cancellation through an act or omission outside the control of the organisers. An example of such an omission would be the onset of unfavourable conditions such as (but not limited to) the weather, a jellyfish warning, failure of key personnel to attend, a fuel spillage or such-like contamination.
  • Places are limited for safety reasons. Please inform the organisers if you wish to withdraw your entry to allow another swimmer take the place.

This event is organised by volunteers operating on behalf of Awyr Las. The utmost care has gone into producing a safe event, and sensible precautions have been taken where necessary. Swimming is a potentially hazardous activity and it is a strenuous physical activity, and as such it carries a risk of injury. The decision to take part in this event is yours.

The charity and the volunteers organising this event and the companies helping with the logistics of the event are not liable for any injury or damage howsoever caused. All swimmers take part in this event at their own risk.

#TeamIrfon Swim contacts: / 01248 384395 /

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