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Sponsor Hospital Bed Linen - Betsi Busia Kenya Health Link

By sponsoring hospital bed linen for the Busia Kenya Hospital, you'll be helping to support patients from poor rural villages in Kenya who are not as fortunate as we are to have fresh bedding whilst they are poorly or critically ill.


Busia County is in the extreme West of the country, bordering Uganda along the northern shore of Lake Victoria.This part of Kenya is green and fertile, and although generally rural, is relatively densely populated. The total population of Busia County is around 900,000. The principal municipality, Busia Town, has a population of around 50 000 (just a little smaller than Wrexham).

The hospital comprises a series of stand-alone single floor buildings, including wards, radiology, laboratory facilities, dialysis unit, accident and emergency room, physiotherapy, pharmacy, blood transfusion, outpatient clinics and a lecture room. Some of the buildings are connected by open air covered walkways.

The hospital has a bed capacity of 160 with up to 200 available beds. There are 6 wards in the hospital each ward with a capacity of just over 30 beds. There is a male surgical ward comprising both general surgery and orthopaedic trauma, divided into small rooms of 2 to 8 patients per room. There is also a female open plan surgical ward, which is divided into a section reserved for gynaecological patients, as well as general surgery.

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The hospital serves a population close to one million. About 40% of patients attending the Hospital originate from across the border in Uganda, which is only about 300 meters from the Hospital. About 300 patients are seen daily in the outpatient department. A new building housing ICU and HDU is currently under construction. Currently, patients in need of CT scan have to travel to Eldoret which is (100 miles – 3hours drive) from Busia but a new CT scanner is also under construction and would be open later this year. Radiology is performing well, as is the Renal Unit, but the Laundry department needs some improvements.

"The beds have mattresses with plastic cover and no bed sheets, with mosquito nets hanging from the ceiling."

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Here in the UK we enjoy excellent healthcare free at the point of issue. People in Kenya are not so fortunate. Treatment is limited by individual poverty and by a lack of staff, skills and equipment within the health service.

In Busia, the average life expectancy is just 52 years and diseases such as malaria reap a terrible toll.

Any donation you make will go towards sending our volunteer doctors, nurses and support staff, together with necessary improvements and equipment, out to Busia. This will have an immediate impact on health provision there, but will also benefit the people of North Wales by bringing skills back to the NHS.

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The Betsi Kenya Health Link got underway in February 2019 when a group of four clinicians from Wrexham Maelor hospital, together with two support staff, visited Busia County Referral Hospital. Our goal now is to establish and develop this link.

This includes:

💜Fundraising for improvements and equipment.
💜Additional training on specific areas (paediatrics, resuscitation, vascular surgery), particularly when the new A/E ITU block is completed.
💜Acquiring some equipment for vascular trauma and renal access training.
💜Include a pediatrician on our next visit.

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As a result of these small group meetings we have seen disadvantaged members [with mild cognitive impairment] gain confidence and become contributors to the conversation rather than be silent witnesses

How can you help?

  • £10 will provide new linen for one bed
  • £200 will provide new linen for twenty beds
  • £2,000 will provide new linen for all the beds in the current hospital
  • 'Charity of the Year' - choose this project with a target to fund enhanced facilities and equipment in Busia Kenya.

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