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Rydym yn aros am gyfieithiadau ar gyfer y cynnwys hwn

We need more people like you to be aware of their nearest community defibrillator and be prepared to “give CPR a try and not just walk on by”, we need a nation of lifesavers, when the heart stops beating every second counts and in this type of situation any CPR is better than no CPR.

Why should I learn CPR?
Because CPR saves lives!

So what’s stopping YOU from doing CPR?

  • I may catch something from doing mouth to mouth!
    Do hands-only CPR then. It’s okay not to do mouth to mouth.
  • I may not do it correctly, I might get it wrong!
    Honestly, ANY CPR is better than NO CPR.
  • I’m worried I might hurt the person, break a rib or something!
    When a person has a cardiac arrest, they are dead! You cannot make the situation any worse. However, by doing CPR you will give the person a chance of survival.
But does CPR really work?

Please share this video and help us spread the word that we all need to learn how to do CPR.

Don’t have time, or don’t want to attend a course to learn CPR? Then watch our videos and prepare yourself for the day that your CPR skills will be needed. You have the power to save a neighbour or loved one’s life in your hands. Click here to learn CPR now!

If you need advice about community defibrillators, contact your North Wales Public Access defibrillator (CPAD) Support Officer Tomos Hughes by email

Click below to meet Tomos, your CPAD Support Officer!

Meet Tomos

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